Tips on buying a CPA practice

It is the dream of every accounting professional to own a CPA practice. The trick comes in buying the right practice that will make your dreams come true. Usually, the best way is to look for a company that deals with buying and selling of accounting firms. With such a platform that offers cpa practice for sale, you will get an opportunity to choose the right practice for your needs. Buying an accounting practice is not a walk in the back. Many details and aspects will make the difference between your success and failure.

Buying a CPA practice

Vision and dreams

Before you think about shopping for a CPA practice, have your dreams and visions in mind. Make them both short term and long term. From your vision and dreams, you can buy a firm that will take you to the direction of your dreams. The foundation of any accounting firm will always dictate the direction, so starting with a firm that gives you proper direction is always important. You can always tell an accounting firm that will help you achieve your dreams and one that will not.

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Your strengths and weakness

The success of every business comes in learning how to balance your strength and weakness. It is impossible to be the best in accounting, managing and also marketing. Take time and identify the areas where your strength lies. In the areas where your weakness lies, you can look for a partner or someone who will complement your weakness. When buying an accounting firm, this is an important aspect because you need to have a plan before you even buy the CPA practice.


Knowing where you want to buy your CPA practice can go a long way in narrowing down your options. A CPA practice can have everything that you want, but the location can be a deal breaker for you. You need to determine if you can move to run the business or not.

Client niche

A CPA practice is a service based and it is important to know the niche of clients that you are willing to take. The client niche can be based on your interest or experience in the job. For instance, if your interest is doing accounting for manufacturing companies, then choose a CPA practice that has been doing accounting for manufacturing companies.



A budget is an important aspect when buying a CPA practice. You need to buy a practice that is within your budget.